Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Tonight, I sit 
at a table in a small
fast food chain in the metro, 
On the table, a cup of ice cream
and a plate I'd finished off
in minutes. I am
but for what, I do not know.
There are girls at the other table--
noise and scattered thoughts--
I could easily catch, they were talking
about men and Japan.
They talk
so loud, and are
so beautiful, even if
I haven't really turned to see, I knew
it was true. 
Fleeting acquaintances in this floating world. How
can they not be beautiful?
And there, alone amidst them, do I
realize: maybe I am looking
for myself.
Because where else 
should I find it best, if not
in this little world 
all of people I don't know.
The fact being that,
I do not know
Myself, no, 
not anymore.

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