Wednesday, 4 February 2015


For the fun of it, I'm posting this little list I made for myself a couple of years back. It was written on the 25th of December 2012.


THIS IS URGENT. Okay, Andie?

Okay. It seems stupid. But I figured out I have to change something in my life… and soon. If I am to go on with this monotonous existence, I don’t know what will become of me. So I am writing this. In this document I’ll record the goals I want to achieve, and why I want to achieve them.

·         Study Mathematics. And the Sciences, for that matter. I seriously need it… if I want something nice to happen to me this coming graduation. Yes, I do think sometimes that I have the potential to solve those complex problems… but hey, if I don’t persevere I won’t get anywhere.

·         AP lectures and term paper. Filipino lectures, and El Fili activities. Do that on your own, Andie. Grow up already.

·         Read all those books which I haven’t yet read. And also those which I haven’t read properly. If possible, I want to finish this before 2012 ends. I want to learn as much as I can – to wean as much knowledge as possible from those lovely pages.

·         Write. On paper. On a computer. On my palm, if I have nothing else to write on. But I will write. I will improve myself as humanly possible… for myself, and for sir Bong.

·         Document everything. I don’t have much liking for pictures, so there’s only one way to do this. I’ll keep a diary or a journal, beginning this 2013. It doesn’t have to be daily, alright. Whenever words spring out of me, and whenever I am inspired, I shall write.

·         Sketch things and practice music. Those are some God-given gifts… better not waste them.

·         Study languages. Because I said long, long ago that I would.