Friday, 30 May 2014

Poem: Closeted

Ours is a culture of loss,
and forgetfulness—to enclose the shadows
of pain, perhaps put them in a box
to be stowed away in a closet, never
to see the light of day again.

Perhaps one day you will forgive me, let me
bask in the sunshine of your presence,
though that smile be cold, and distant,
saying that I was never

yours, “Who are you?” 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Poem: Free

Flying over a twilit sea
With borrowed plumes upon my back,
I pull them roughly off
One by one. I fall,
Colorless now, into brick-hard
Oblivion. But this death,
Or whatever it is called,
Is mine.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Poem: Transit

Fingers on the windowpane,
in transit, communing
with the falling rain.

Up from the streets, the too-cheerful weary breathing
of the city. Thousands of homeward-bound
hearts latch on to the rising vapors
for a ride.

Down through the clouds,
marshmallow-soft and glowing white.
We begin the descent, to fall upon
The sun-scorched sidewalk, to go
from there and back again.

Fingers on the rain-streaked glass,
we ride toward the spectra
born of water and dust.
Roll down the windows, and open the doors -
closing time has gone way past, and we are
finally, blissfully 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Poem: Mockingbird

Darling, that sky of silver and blue
You’re peeking into,
D’you think it’s for you?

I hear your friends from my window,
Singing the songs
Of smoky dusk and brand new beginnings.
Flutt’ring feathers cross
Our line of sight.
They seem so sure, that way they’re flying
Off to the haze, the setting sun.

Whose dreams are being dreamt at night?
Whose wings are those that span the skies?
Whose star guides journeys heavenward?

I’ve long been wondering, while listening
To you – whose voice is that?
Those songs are the only things
Free from bars. Free to fly.

That song is you. But are you that song?

Poem: Esperanza

To scar your heart and teach you how to dream again –
To plant unto your soul this how, this where and when,
We'll spread untiring wings and dive into the blue,
The heavens to discern, its judgement to subdue.

My sweet! Think you that 'tis a storm of no import –
We've given up our blood and dreams for paltry worth?
 Sometimes the gods destroy with merciful intent;
 Mayhap those tears are for my loving kisses meant.

The leaves upon the trees, they fall all red and gold,
Their perch abandoned at the whisper of the cold.
But when the warmth of spring defeats the cruel frost,
We'll stand, forgetting how it was to pay the cost.

This meeting born of pain shall never be effaced
And ever shall I crave this wounded love's embrace.
For after tasting of the plight of hell and death –
The more we'll learn to love the gift of ev'ry breath.