Saturday, 23 May 2015


I want to love you 


I no longer know 


I listen to the sound
of my heart beating—it communicates
nothing, not a word, only
the dull thudding
and thumping, its usual
Before, I would have said
I hear your name
alongside this rhythmic beating.

But there is no fate,
no auspicious alignment of stars
and no whispering spirits
who will lead me to a secret place
only the two of us know
where I can hold your hand
and forget everything,
even myself.

There is no wall
for me to scale, no mountain
for you to overcome, no depth
we need to fathom before we rise
together, holding a perfect gem—to reflect
our joyful eyes, to reward our searching,
ever searching

There is only simple
distance, growing more and more
each day,
and the nonexistent string
between our hearts

begins to fray.